Our mission is to provide quality service at a fair price, and to make the process enjoyable. Since 1984, we have established a diverse network of quality suppliers and subcontractors who are able to tailor their products and services to meet your needs. 


Having grown up in New England and near the Adirondack region of New York, Peter Cassels-Brown developed an appreciation for the traditional architectural styles of these areas, namely the New England farmhouse and the Adirondack lodge. The combination of solid construction and efficient use of space common in these styles continue to make them a good value today.

Peter’s degree in Environmental studies from the University of Vermont (1981) incorporated natural resource management and solar design into a thesis project in solar architecture. Add to that the developments he has made in green building techniques and renewable energy and you have a recipe for home construction that is rich in tradition and meets the demands of environmentally responsible and energy efficient housing.

Having served the Champlain and Mad River valleys and surrounding areas since 1984 has given Peter the experience to provide top shelf service as well as the time to build a strong network of suppliers and sub contractors.

Peter received a graduate certificate in mediation from Woodbury college (2000). This contributes to a high level of customer service through effective communication at all levels and stages of projects.